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April 21, 2012
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MM: Ruuka Tsukatani by Amacchu MM: Ruuka Tsukatani by Amacchu

  • Name
Ruuka Tsukatani
  • Date of Birth
February 3rd - Aquarius
  • Age
18 years old
  • Gender
  • Year Level
Third Year~ Senior Foreign Exchange Student
  • Weapon
Twin Daggers. Ruuka has taken classes to learn how to manage daggers in order to protect herself, since she used to fight sometimes. However, she’s not going to use them without a logical reason.
Since she's lost her old daggers at Tenman-Ji, she'd to buy new ones. These have artificial sapphire blades.
  • Arcana
.Xlll. Death
  • Rank 5

  • Persona
  • Suit
  • Height
4"10' ( 147cm )
  • Weight
88 lbs ( 40 kg )
  • Nationality
British, with Japanese/British heritage
  • Likes
:bulletred: Sweets. Specially passion fruit and lemon ones.
:bulletred: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math and History
:bulletred: Sincerity
:bulletred: Quiet places and extremely cold ones - specially if it's raining or snowing
:bulletred: Any girly thing
:bulletred: Shopping and visiting gardens
:bulletred: Cooking - however, it's much more like producing poison
:bulletred: Cute accessories and
:bulletred: Small mammals
:bulletred: Fruits in general - Specially strawberries and mulberries.
:bulletred: Both italian and japanese food
:bulletred: Music- Very eclectic when it comes to this topic.
:bulletred: Be surrounded by friendly people. She still likes it despite her tries to stay alone.
:bulletred: Lolita and gyaru fashion, and some mangas.
  • Dislikes
:bulletred: Noisy and/or hot places
:bulletred: Lies - However, she doesn’t mind jokes
:bulletred: Dishonest people, authoritaria­nism and prejudgment
:bulletred: Long dresses and high heels since it's hard to move with them.
:bulletred: To be left alone. Still dislikes it but tries to avoid any company.
:bulletred: Being observed by lustful eyes, which make her nervous
:bulletred: Cleaning. Would rather leave the work for the others
  • Personality
:bulletred: Quiet , calm and rather shy. Ruuka’d rather listen to the others than speak as well as she isn’t good at expressing herself, and won't talk unless spoken to.
:bulletred:Much more rational than emotional.
:bulletred: Apparently emotionless. Usually tries to crush down her feelings. But this doesn’t mean she doesn’t express them sometimes, which usually occurs in shameful or funny situations.
She mostly shows no interest forward anything, even if it's of her interest.
:bulletred:Naïve and curious. She’ll believe almost everything you say, also can't differ obvious lies from truths.
:bulletred:Careless and distracts easily with insignificant stuff.
:bulletred:She shows her appreciation by protecting her friends, giving them gifts and doing favors and she'll be really upset if declined.
:bulletred:She's trying to avoid any contact with people, even her friends.
:bulletred:Is rather lazy, may be absent sometimes and may commit really stupid mistakes.
:bulletred:Resentful and is really cruel with whom she bears a grudge. She doesn't know what's mercy anymore--
:bulletred:Caring. When someone is in danger, she wouldn’t think twice before saving them, even if it’s a complete stranger.
:bulletred:Won't protect everyone, for now she'll just protect a few friends.
:bulletred:Very negligent when it comes to herself.
:bulletred:She's trying to avoid other people. In her mind, once she approaches anyone she'll lean on them and that will make her even weaker and dependable. Also, after the kidnap, all her fear of getting hurt by the others acquired during her childhood came back and even her best friends might have some difficulty in having her trust.
:bulletred:She's trying to be more independent now. She will never accept help, not even in the worst situations. Actually for her failure is better than receiving help.
  • Strengths
:bulletred: Great listener
:bulletred: Sincerity
:bulletred: Impartiality
:bulletred: Objective person
:bulletred: FearlessnessLack of awareness of danger
:bulletred: Quick ratiocination
:bulletred: Kind Heart
  • Weaknesses
:bulletred: Has no empathy. Also takes long to understand the other’s feelings- if she does.
:bulletred: A little absent sometimes.
:bulletred: Naïve. Trusts firmly everyone she knows until they deceive her. Now she's having some trust issues
:bulletred: Bad memory. Forgets objects and names easily.
:bulletred: Doesn’t forgive easily. Even with her bad memory, if you betray her she won’t trust you ever again.
:bulletred: She can’t lie even when it’s necessary.
:bulletred: Might react aggressively, but only in dangerous situations.
:bulletred: Almost always sleepy.
:bulletred: Can’t concentrate for too long.
:bulletred: Merciless. You better don't piss her off.
  • Character History
Ruuka is the only child of a rich and influent couple in England, who is strict and don't let her externalize her opinion without repressing her severely. At about her 6 years Ruuka decided to crush down her feelings “I not going to show any fragility to them… Just until I'm old enough to live my life by myself”, she though. At school her situation wasn’t good either. Her lack of facial expressions made her classmates think she too arrogant to become social, therefore they excluded her. She pretended everything was fine.
Someday, while doing a group project she accidentally stepped on her group's project, and unfortunately it's glue was wet. The poster was completely messed , the group couldn't fix it and received a low grade. Then they started hiding her shoes or her pencil case. She didn't care it and later the actions became more serious. One day, she found out her flowers burned and slapped one of the bullies’ face. It was the first time she's ever shown aggressiveness.
Due to her “incomprehensible” act her parents decided she wouldn't attend regular school and would have classes at home . However much she insisted that they were actually bullying her, she couldn't prove it at all. Several years later she finally could attend a regular school again, where she felt somehow included. She wanted to take justice into her own hands. As soon as classes started she defended and befriended everyone bullied there. This disgusted the bullies, who picked quarrels with her.
Her parents were displeased again by their daughter's actions and she was reprehended a lot. Wishing for freedom of speech, she decided to study abroad “because their strings won’t reach me there". She decided to attend Higashimori High School as recommended by a former Japanese classmate.

Extended version: ( I give up orz )
In other words... Ruuka is a problematic girl orz
  • Trivia
:bulletred:Her voice volume is really low. She may have to repeat herself several times to be listened.
:bulletred:Has a black Mini Lop called Alice.
:bulletred:Has a huge collection of scarves and plushies.
:bulletred:Anything she cooks can be considered mass destruction weapons-
:bulletred:She eats lemons and passion fruits with no sugar sometimes.
:bulletred:Drinks coffee everyday, with no exceptions.
:bulletred:Likes unique clothes.
:bulletred:She takes a bunny plush to the school. Senji told her that a bunny can die from loneliness, so that she takes Mizu-Chan to school. When she doesn't forget it at home thanks to her awful memory.
:bulletred:Voice Sample 1 Voice Sample 2 - Nayuru ( なゆる )
:iconredsparklesplz: Morphos Points and Inventory</b> :iconredsparklesplz:
  • Extra
Rank 1
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5 ver. 1
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